The website (hereinafter referred to as “Website”) uses cookies and similar technologies. This cookie policy (hereinafter referred to as “Cookie Policy”) wants to inform you, the visitor, about its use.

Quva (hereinafter referred to as “we”, “us”) wants to point out to you, the visitor, that you do not have to accept all cookies. This is because accepting them is not a condition of visiting the Website. When refusing, there is a possibility, however, that certain applications of our website and additional services won’t function optimally.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are stored by the internet browser on your computer or mobile device when you visit a website or if you use a (mobile) application. They work as a type of prompt for a website. Thanks to cookies, our Website can save specific information about our visitors and keep their surfing behaviour up-to-date in an easy way.

Cookies can be placed by Quva itself (“first-party cookies”) or by others (“third-party cookies”). Third-party cookies ensure that certain data are sent to third parties through your visit or use of the Website.

Cookies are sometimes temporary (“session cookies”, these are removed when you close the browser) and sometimes permanent (“persistent cookies”, these remain until they expire or you remove them).

Personal data and their use

In general, we refer to our Privacy Disclaimer with regard to the compilation and processing of your personal data and your related rights.

As some of the cookies and/or technologies used, which are described below, may include data that may directly or indirectly identify you, we explain which type of cookies are used on this website.

Which cookies does this website use?

  • Strictly necessary cookies
    As the name suggests, these cookies are strictly necessary to enable you to surf the Website or to provide certain functions you have requested.

  • Functional cookies
    Functional cookies are necessary to enable our Website to function properly. The information in question does not register any specific data of the individual user, but is necessary for proper use of the Website.

  • Analytical cookies
    Analytical cookies enable us to find out more about how you as a visitor treat and respond to the content of our Website. This enables us to design our Website even better. The information in question does not register any specific data of the individual user, but is used to comprehensively create and analyse website statistics.

  • Tracking Cookies

    These cookies will maintain user sessions. If the Max-Age of a permanent cookie is set at one year, then the initial value, included in this cookie will be sent back to the server each time the user visits the server, within this year. This is done to store essential information, such as how the user initially came to the Website. This is why they are also called tracking cookies. For instance, as soon as you have chosen the language, the Website will include your preference in a permanent cookie and store it on your browser. If you then revisit the Website, it will use this permanent cookie to ensure that the content is provided in the language of your choice.

List of cookies used

Below is a list of the main cookies we use.

Notifications and Adjustments

Quva  is authorised to update this cookie policy by placing a new version on the Website. In this framework, it is highly recommended to regularly consult the Website and the specific page on which the cookie policy is indicated to be certain that you know about any changes. As soon as a new cookie policy will be implemented, your permission on the use of cookies will be asked again.

Disabling cookies

Several options are available for the prevention of storing cookies. Please visit the websites of the various browsers to learn how to block to storage of cookies. It’s good to realise that when you decide to remove all your cookies, you will probably have to re-enter all your user names and passwords on all websites you visit, which you didn’t have to think about previously. As mentioned earlier, cookies can be a real advantage for your surfing experience on the web. If you would like more information about cookies, please visit the website This website provides more information about cookies, explains in detail how you can remove the cookies you find, and shows how you can enable trusted websites to store cookies on your computer.


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